(Junior and Senior)

(4 years – 6 years)boy with map


“The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown,
to grow under the heat of flaming imagination.”  – Maria Montessori

Your child has extraordinary powers of mind, possessing a once-in-a-lifetime ability to simply absorb information and concepts from all surroundings, like a sponge. The Junior and Senior Kindergarten program, for children between the ages of four to six (children must be turning 4.5 years of age by December 31st to be enrolled in the Junior/Senior Kindergarten program), is designed to meet the needs of your child in this crucial phase of life. These early experiences shape their perceptions about the world and their attitudes about learning.

Many parents are often surprised to see the calm environment of a Montessori classroom; in fact, it is designed to help your child become his or her best self. We support his natural drive for independence by encouraging a conscious choice of activities of interest, without interruption. The resulting feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction engender respect from the children toward others. Through “grace and courtesy” exercises, we teach children how to appropriately work through conflicts, how to act politely in various situations, and how to be kind and helpful to their friends. The result is a cohesive and self-aware community of young children.

Because the learning is individualized, your child can work at his or her own pace while participating in a mixed-age classroom community. Younger children benefit from example, and learn from the activities of the older children, while each older child gains the self-confidence that comes with responsibility and leadership.

Unlike traditional classrooms, where your child is expected to pay rapt attention to the teacher, in the Primary classroom the guide is trained to observe each individual child. You won’t see a Montessori teacher standing in front of the classroom writing on a chalkboard, but rather down at your child’s level, individually engaging or working with a small group.

The teacher is trained to recognize and respect the unique potential operating within your child and strives to connect him or her to the activity best suited at that moment. A Montessori teacher is trained to introduce your child to activities and concepts based upon observations of her developmental needs and readiness. The learning, however, is not so much taking place in the lesson, as it is through independent activity when the child comes back to explore it, repeat it, and perfect it. The art of being a Montessori teacher is in finding the activity that combines both interest and the right challenge—not too hard and not too easy. In this classroom, your child will become engaged with an activity, developing an increased ability to focus and concentrate.

It is in the Junior and Senior Montessori Kindergarten program everything comes to fruition for your child. Reading, writing and mathematical understanding blossom. The child leaves the program with a strong set of academic skills; but, far more importantly, with the attitude that learning is fun, exciting and boundless.

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