Welcome to Cold Lake Montessori

We are delighted you have taken the time to learn more about our wonderful Daycare.

Cold Lake Montessori was founded in 2007 and originally operated out of Kimberly Clarke’s home; at which time it was known as Cold Lake Montessori Children’s House. Due to the large demand from parents needing childcare, Kimberly set out on a mission to find a larger building in order to accommodate more children.  It had taken her 7 years to find one suitable but she did in November 2013. After negotiating with the City of Cold Lake and doing extensive renovations to the building she opened the doors to Cold Lake Montessori in the fall of 2014; a fully licensed daycare facility for children newborn to 6 years of age.

Even though the name and location have changed, Cold Lake Montessori continues to pride itself on being a community of caring and playing, teaching and learning, respect and inclusion, and making the world a better place. Kimberly Clarke, the owner of Cold Lake Montessori is committed to providing parents with the hours of care they need and an opportunity to give parents a head start on their child’s education.

Kimberly invites parents and guardians to learn more about Cold Lake Montessori by searching through Cold Lake Montessori website and visiting the school.

We hope to see you soon!


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