“My son first started with Kimberly Clarke and the Montessori program shortly after he turned one. During his first year with Ms. Clarke, my son has bloomed both academically and socially. The Montessori programs teach children through understanding, instead of mere memorization. At a year and a half, my son was recognizing numbers and letters. By his second birthday, he could recognize and name numbers up to 9, and every letter in the alphabet.

I believe also by focusing on tasks, the program has taught my son patience. He is particularly fond of one of the Montessori lessons, whereby he builds a tower out of different sized blocks. This not only taught him patience, but how to differentiate by size and also how to follow through on tasks. It’s also quite fun!
He also became more social and outgoing during his first year with Ms. Clarke.

I believe by putting my son in the Cold Lake Montessori program, I have given him a love of learning and exploring, which will be beneficial to him as he continues his education.”

Parent – Tracy W. 



“Our son, Cahan, attended Mrs. Clarke’s dayare, that was originally based out of her home, when he was a little over one years old and left when he was old enough to start Kindergarten. A year later Cahan is still talking about “Kimmie’s Daycare”, his four years with Kimberly Clarke and the Cold Lake Montessori Daycare have shaped his love of learning and discovery.

A great program both Rob and I highly recommend”

Parent – Terry – Lynn 



“I love Kim! My older two children were in her program when she did it out of her house. It prepared them for kindergarten and beyond with her teachings!  I would recommend a million times over!”

Parent – Karla H.


“The school feels like oasis. I feel like staying there myself and playing with all the amazing toys.”

Parent – Zuzana D.


You are all so amazing at that daycare and as a parent I appreciate all that you do! Thank you

Parent – Cassandra B.


“Your daycare is great! Everyday I see growth and development in my daughter. My favourite is watching her rein-act circle time at home. I become her and she is Mrs. Kennedy asking me questions about letters and the calendar.
Thank you”

Parent – Dawn M.


“I am very grateful that we stumbled across your daycarel in the summer when we were searching for the perfect place to send out little ones after our big move across the country. Not only have the adjusted well to all the changes but they are thriving in the environment you and all the wonderful ladies at Cold Lake Montessori have created. Thank you!”

Parent – Jessica G.

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